You are trying to access the My ASDAN secure area

To access this part of the site, your centre should be registered with ASDAN and you should have requested a username and password for the secure area and be logged in. If you were already logged in, your session may have timed out and you will need to log in again.

Go through to the Password Request Form to register for access to the My ASDAN secure area. This password will also allow you full access to ASDAN's Online Resource Bank,

If you believe you should have access to this area and are unable to log in, please reset your password. If your email address isn't recognised, please register your correct details.

What is My ASDAN and what information will I be able to access in there?

My ASDAN is the Secure Area of the ASDAN website, reserved for our Registered Centres only.

It contains all relevant updates, essential documents, meeting information and relevant resources, including the following:

  • Downloading Resources, including Guidance and Plan, Do, Review Forms
  • Registering your Qualification candidate numbers and names
  • Submitting your candidates online for the Award Programmes
  • Viewing updated Moderation Meeting and Support Dates

With a My ASDAN login you can also purchase materials from the ASDAN Online Catalogue, as well as look at the list of candidates registered from your centre.

There is no limit to the number of people from a centre who can Register for a My ASDAN password, however each individual login will require a unique email address.



Secure Area for registered ASDAN centres

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