Frequently Asked Questions

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I've heard about ASDAN and I'd like a bit more information please.

You can find detailed information about the organisation - including our vision and values, statusprogrammes, qualifications and publications - on this website; the About ASDAN section is a good place to start. If you would like to find out more, please contact us.

What does ASDAN stand for?

Award Scheme Development and Accreditation Network, although we rarely use this any more as we have come a long way since the initial Award Scheme. It is useful to note that the word Network is still significant.

Are ASDAN courses comparable to GCSEs?

ASDAN qualifications are fully approved for use in schools and colleges, and teachers are encouraged by DfE to use their professional judgement in offering qualifications which reflect individual students’ interests and abilities, and which responds to their needs. They are allocated Performance Points for each level and these, and their comparability to other qualifications like GCSEs and GCEs, are shown in this information sheet. Although not counting in headline measures of performance tables, which focus on subjects (GCSEs) and vocational qualifications, they have a recognised value in enhancing learning and contributing to meeting Ofsted requirements. Results achieved in these other qualifications will be reported in addition to the school performance tables.

General Questions

What is our ASDAN centre number?

The ASDAN centre number is the same as your account number with ASDAN. You can find this on the welcome letter you receive from ASDAN when you register and, once you have registered for the Members Area of the website, it can be found on the Centre Details page.

How do I register for the Members Area of the website?

Only registered centres can access the Members Area of the website. You can register for access (even if someone else in your centre has already registered with their own email address) by going to Create a My ASDAN Account and following the instructions. You will need your ASDAN centre number and an email address. We will forward you a password within 24 hours.

If you have previously registered but have forgotten your password, please use the 'Forgotten your password?' link and follow the instructions.

Where can I find the list of moderation/standardisation/support meeting dates for a specific Programme/Qualification?

Log in to the Members Area of the ASDAN website, then go to the relevant Programme/
Qualification members area page.

We have lost/damaged a certificate, can we order a replacement?

We can organise replacement certificates at a charge of £6.15 per certificate. We need the student's name, level, programme/qualification, centre name and date of moderation in writing. If there is an error on the certificate, please send the original back to head office. Our address can be found on the Contact Us page.

I’ve been asked to send in centre approval documents and a Staffing Update for my centre. What are these forms and why do I have to fill them in?

These forms are a mandatory requirement. Centres registering for any ASDAN qualifications must complete the Centre Approval process. More information can be found on the Centre Approval page.


I would like to register with ASDAN. How much is the annual centre registration fee and what does it entitle me to cover?

To register for any or all of ASDAN's programmes or qualifications there is an annual centre registration fee of £350 + VAT, which is invoiced annually on the date of registration.

This annual fee covers your membership with ASDAN and provides your centre with access to:

  • high-quality, personalised support and advice from your Area/Regional Adviser and Central Office
  • the full range of ASDAN courses, including new programmes and qualifications developed in the last year
  • a UK-wide series of network/moderation meetings and external quality assurance
  • the full range of ASDAN publications and materials, available to order
  • regular mailings and updates
  • protected areas of the website for sharing good practice and downloading information

Alternatively, you can pay for a two-year registration which costs £600 + VAT.

I just want to run an ASDAN Short Course Do I have to register as a centre and how much does that cost?

To register for ASDAN Short Courses, Excelsis, Stepping Stones and Key Steps only there is a reduced annual centre registration fee of £175 + VAT, invoiced annually on the date of registration.

This reduced annual fee covers your membership with ASDAN and provides your centre with access to:

  • purchase ASDAN publications and materials for Stepping Stones, Key Steps and Short Courses Awards
  • support and advice from your Area/Regional Adviser and Central Office
  • regular mailings and updates
  • access to protected areas on the website for sharing good practice and downloading information
  • online candidate registration for certification

Alternatively, you can pay for a two-year registration, which costs £300 + VAT.

Can I register as a centre via the website?

Yes. All the information about Annual Centre Registration and the relevant forms can be accessed via the link on the menu bar at the top of the site. You must use the online form to register as a centre.

My centre is registered with ASDAN for some Programmes/Qualifications, but I wish to start running additional Programmes/Qualifications. How do I go about this?

You need to notify us if you wish to start running any Programmes or Qualifications that your centre is not already registered for (i.e. any that weren't stipulated on your original application for registration form). Please fill out the Add a new course form.

What certification and candidate registration fees are involved in running individual Programmes and Qualifications?

Go to the Costs page to find out about the costs involved in running individual ASDAN Programmes and Qualifications.

Training and Events

What/who are workshops for and what happens on the day?

Introductory workshops provide vital training for anyone wanting to deliver an ASDAN programme or qualification. The Training section of the website features details of each workshop, dates and an online booking form.

The workshops provide full training on the origins and structure of the programme/qualification, and cover guidance and explanation of implementation, delivery, quality assurance and administrative procedures. 

How can I book on to a workshop and what happens afterwards?

The Training section of the website provides full details of each workshop, as well as an online booking facility. ASDAN will send confirmation of your place on the workshop by email once your booking has been processed. You will then be able to access further information, including a programme and map, from the Training section of the Members Area.

How do I cancel my workshop booking?

To cancel a booking, you should email at least seven clear working days before the event.

Is it possible to arrange INSET for a team of staff at our school and, if so, how much will it cost?

This can be done subject to staff availability. Costs for September 1st 2014 to August 31st 2015:

Full Day INSET:

  • £655 + expenses for up to 10 delegates
  • £780 + expenses for 11-25 delegates
  • £1323 + expenses for 26+ delegates

Half Day INSET:

  • £487 + expenses for up to 10 delegates
  • £580 + expenses for 11-25 delegates
  • £974 + expenses for 26+ delegates

Hourly Rate:

  • £170 + expenses for up to 10 delegates
  • £195 + expenses for 11-25 delegates
  • £340 + expenses for 26+ delegates

Expenses will comprise of the training packs, which are charged at £9.50 or £15.50 per pack (depending on the resources required), and the cost of the trainer's travel. Once INSET is confirmed, an estimate of these costs will be available on request.

Orders and Finance

How much do student books and resources cost and how can I place an order?

The Costs page has all the details of the costs involved in running ASDAN Programmes and Qualifications, including relevant student book and resources costs. For more information and to order materials or publications online, please go to the Catalogue or download an Order Form.

I have placed an order for materials but they haven't arrived yet.

You need to allow up to 20 working days for your order, as stated on our Order Form.

If the order was placed more than 20 working days ago and has not been delivered, contact the Publications team on 0117 941 1448 and they will check the status of the order.

What is a Purchase Order Number and where do I get one from?

A Purchase Order Number is generated by Finance Departments in order to track purchases made by staff. Individual centres will have their own systems in place for this, and if you are in doubt you should contact your own Finance Department and seek advice on obtaining a number.

Please refer to your Finance Department/Budget Holder for instructions on providing ASDAN with a Purchase Order Number.

How can I pay for my goods and services?

There are options for paying by cheque, BACS/direct credit or debit/credit card, depending on where your centre is based. For full details see the Methods of Payment page.

How do I get a copy invoice?

Log in to the members area and go to the centre details section to download copies of outstanding invoices. Alternatively, you can email to request a copy.

I have been told my account is in arrears, but I want to order goods or book on to an event. What do I do?

You can send in your order, which will be processed but no goods will be sent until payment of the overdue account has been made. If you require your goods urgently we would recommend that you contact your own Finance Department to discover when the payment will be made and if this will meet your deadline. Log in to the Members Area and go to the Centre Details section to download copy invoices and find out if your account is in arrears.

I have received an invoice for centre registration but I am not running ASDAN this year. What do I need to do?

Please send a written confirmation within 60 days of the registration date, stating that you are leaving and the reason why you are leaving, to

How can I use the credit note I have received?

Credit notes are only valid for 12 months from the date of issue. You may use your credit note against any further purchases, regardless of what the original note was issued for.

It is your responsibility to ensure the credit note is used before its expiry date. If your credit note is about to expire and you have no further purchases to make, please contact before the expiry date.