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Why Monday 3rd September is a Good Day for Skills Education

As the new term begins, the summer storm clouds hover stubbornly overhead. Headlines from the past few weeks tell us that one in six young people are NEETs, 23,000 primary pupils are playing truant every day, there is no resolution to the GCSE marking fiasco, education budgets are being slashed, increasing numbers of teachers are leaving the profession, the new school performance measures will restrict choice and opportunity for all but the brightest and vocational education has lost it way.

Can we find a few silver linings in these clouds? Let's look at some of the things that remain constant; young people simply HAVE to develop their personal skills in order to become more confident and effective in the worlds of learning, work and community life; we teachers and trainers simply HAVE to call on the creative professional that's in all of us to make the best of the resources and networks available.

Here's the very thing to meet both of those imperatives - theOrb (Online resource bank). Its focus on skills development education through resources and forum networking is unique amongst teaching resource sites and can only be a good thing for furthering engaging, activity-based teaching and learning.



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