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Getting involved in Anti-bullying Week

Monday 16thNovember 2015 marks the start of this year’s Anti-bullying Week. The focus this year is on making a noise about bullying.

This awareness-raising week aims to:

  • Empower young people to make a noise about bullying.
  • Help parents and carers to have conversations about bullying with their children.
  • Encourage schools to become ‘talking schools’.
  • Equip teachers in how to respond effectively when children tell them they are being bullied.
  • Raise awareness of the impact of bullying on a young person’s life when they don’t tell anyone.

As teachers, we have a responsibility to our young people to help them learn about bullying; specifically the effects and potential consequences that bullying has on young people. This focus week gives schools and teachers the opportunity to address some of these issues.

As part of ASDAN’s ongoing commitment to providing relevant and up-to-date programmes, we are currently looking at our PSHE Short Course to ensure it continues to offer a curriculum that addresses issues such as this and meets the ever-changing needs of young people in the 21stcentury. Bullying remains a very real issue for many young people and continues to be linked to learning outcomes for the future of the PSHE curriculum.

The PSHE Short Course offers a nationally recognised curriculum, accreditation and certification opportunity. It features a wide range of PSHE-themed activities, as well as an ‘other agreed’ challenge option in each module, which can be written by the assessor to meet the specific needs of an individual or group of young people.

There are many challenges that could be used or adapted from the PSHE Short Course to address issues around bullying. One project-style challenge that stands out is:

In groups of three or four, design a conflict resolution or anti-bullying scheme for your establishment. Consider:

  • What support you might need and where to get it
  • What training you might need and who would provide it
  • Who the scheme is designed to support
  • How will you know if the scheme is successful

Present a report on your proposed scheme.

This challenge provides a great opportunity to promote an anti-bullying ethos to whole groups of learners. Itrepresents 10 hours of learning, for which certification can be claimed.

The relevance of this challenge and its potential to get young people really thinking about bullying highlights the ongoing importance of PSHE as a subject and just how vital it is that time is built in to the curriculum to discuss personal, social and emotional issues.

Author: Gareth Lewis, Former ASDAN National Development Co-ordinator


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