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What do parents think about education?

Last week, Apprentice Eye shared some interesting facts about what parents think about Education, based on research by City and Guilds. The three most striking points were identified as: 

  • Two thirds of parents are concerned that the education system is not providing young people with the skills employers are looking for.
  • 64% believe children aren’t being provided with key skills such as communication and teamwork.
  • The top concern that parents have about their child’s future, in terms of careers, is that they cannot link their education today with their future career.

Teachers, with the help of ASDAN programmes and qualifications, can counter these impressions very easily in the following ways.

All teachers have experience of achieving a career. This knowledge is invaluable to learners. This does come with a health warning: teachers should not tell a young person what they have to do or what the teacher did themselves. Rather, they should open up opportunities within the classroom to find out about careers within their area of expertise. The key is to advise how to explore opportunities and develop links with organisations relevant to their subject.

A challenge from the Careers and Experiencing Work Short Course that may be adapted to develop this learning is: Discuss your options and plans for the future with your group and/or tutor within the subject area. Makes notes and find out more about new ideas you find interesting.

In an English lesson, teachers could get a young person to create letters of application for a career they would like in the future within a chosen organisation. Learners would need to find out about letters of application and also about the specific career they are interested in.

A challenge from the English Short Course that may be adapted to develop this learning is: Write a detailed letter that aims to persuade by relying on facts. This could be a letter for a job application.

These examples (and many others besides) could be transferred into a work context through a structured Work Experience placement. Module 8 of the ASDAN Personal Development Programme could be used to accredit this learning.

Author: Gareth Lewis, Former ASDAN National Development Co-ordinator


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