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Four ways we've improved our customer experience in the last year

Four ways we've improved our customer experience in the last year

We take great pride in our exceptional customer service standards at ASDAN – it is at the heart of what we do. As we prepare for this year's annual survey, Holly Edwards reflects on the improvements we've made following feedback from our centres in 2017. 

Although we collect feedback throughout the year, our customer survey is one of the key tools we use to ensure working with us continues to be the best experience possible.

We were so pleased that ASDAN centres overwhelmingly endorsed our high levels of service in last year's survey. They particularly liked the range of ways they could engage with ASDAN staff including the popular Live Chat function, valuable one-to-one meetings with centre support managers and information days. Respondents told us that ASDAN offers learners a unique opportunity to achieve; building confidence and raising attainment, while teaching valuable life skills. 

Of course, there are always ways in which we can improve and below I’ve selected some of the key issues our centres raised through the 2017 customer survey and how we’ve dealt with them.

1. You said the candidate registration process is complicated

Our bespoke Tutor Portal has been designed specifically to support the candidate administration process from registration through to certification for all ASDAN courses. The portal has hugely simplified the registration process and allows centres greater flexibility and additional capabilities including tracking student progress through courses. Programmes are available on the portal, with qualifications to follow shortly.

2. You said it can be difficult to navigate the website

In 2017, we had the best feedback to date on the improved layout of our main website. But we knew there was more to do. A further development in November included:

  • a new layout for the home page to direct users more effectively towards the courses suitable for their settings
  • a new blogs and analysis section
  • an improved join page to simplify the registration options

Customers have told us that the website is getting better and better, and we continue to make improvements.

3. You said CoPE needs to be updated

The Certificate of Personal Effectiveness is our most popular qualification and has been highly successful in supporting the development of personal and social skills in learners. In January 2018, we released a new student book for Levels 1 and 2 with a refreshed design and updated content including a simplified introduction for learners, modernised challenge content and increased flexibility and choice.

4. You said moderation meetings can be difficult to travel to

Moderation is now done by post for all qualifications which reduces the need for our customers to travel, and offers greater flexibility. Centres delivering Preparing for Adulthood programmes and Personal Development Programmes can find out about Direct Certification Status (DCS). This enables centres delivering ASDAN programmes and that have a history of successful moderation to internally moderate portfolios for up to two years. Please contact your centre support manager if you would like any more information on DCS.

What’s next?

We regularly review the standard of our services and aim to make working with us as positive and easy as possible. The 2018 survey will be released in May and registered centres will be able to complete it via the members area of the website. We will also email our centres a link to the survey. If you are an ASDAN centre and would like to contribute your views, we’d love to hear from you – your comments will help shape future improvements. You are of course very welcome to share your thoughts before then by emailing me at

Author: Holly Edwards, Charity and Member Services Manager

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11.01am, 3 July 2018

I have always found Asdan easy to navigate since its original overhaul and found whenever I have had to contact staff at Asdan they have always been most helpful.

Violet Akoth Odhiambo, Oshwal Academy Nairobi

12.34pm, 3 July 2018

Your services are awesome. I like the way you respond fast and swiftly to any concerns. Indeed the moderation process has become easier as we did not experience problems with moderation of our students,. We have again registered other students for moderation and the process was simple. Keep improving.


2.17pm, 6 July 2018

Hi I love to speak to ASDAN personal they are so helpful, even if I get through to the wrong person or dept you still go out of your way to help me even after 20+ years.

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