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Developing confidence and new skills – my work experience story

Developing confidence and new skills – my work experience story
Cade Maxwell receives his certificate from ASDAN Chief Executive Jenny Williams

Cade Maxwell, a Year 10 learner from Orchard School Bristol, was presented with an ASDAN Careers and Experiencing Work Short Course certificate having completed a five-day placement with us. He writes about his experience at ASDAN and provides top tips for other young people hoping to undertake work experience.

My week at ASDAN was eventful to say the least. I gained a variety of skills that will not only benefit me in future employment but in life. It really helped me understand the teamwork it takes for a business to be sustainable.

How I got a work experience placement at ASDAN

I was given the opportunity of the work placement when my school’s work experience manager recommended ASDAN to me following the positive experience of a previous student. The manager noticed my passion for business and marketing and thought ASDAN would be a good fit. I wrote a letter to ASDAN and my placement was accepted.

The teams I worked with

Throughout the week, I worked with the teams in Finance, Design and Communications, Publications, and Quality Assurance and Centre Support. Working with different teams gave me key skills across a range of departments and also taught me about the importance of focus and concentration in completing your tasks. Working as part of a team and being single-minded in my work made it really enjoyable.

Overcoming my fears

Working in an office environment was petrifying at first and completing a task in a team with people you have just met is a challenge. However, it would soon start to feel more comfortable as I was surrounded by positive and friendly staff. The business is run efficiently because we are working as a team to complete tasks.

The activity I enjoyed most from the placement was finding conference rooms and hotels in cities that could be used to host ASDAN workshops. This was rewarding as I already had an interest in real estate and I realised this topic could be a future profession for myself.

Developing new skills and attributes

I gained a wide range of skills and attributes from this work experience, one of them being confidence. The thought of meeting new people sounded terrifying initially, however as I got to know staff my confidence grew and meeting new people become enjoyable. Learning how to work with others has developed my teamwork skills, which are essential for most jobs.

My top five tips for work experience students

  1. Punctuality: be on time in the morning and after lunch breaks. This will show how organised you are.
  2. Focus: make sure you give your full attention to your work to perform to the best of your ability.
  3. Dedication: put dedication into your work, showing your full capabilities and how good you actually are.
  4. Friendliness: be friendly since this will lead to better working relationships and people will enjoy working with you.
  5. Ask questions: if you are struggling and are unable to overcome the challenge yourself, seek help since this will reduce the amount of time it takes to complete the task.

Author: Cade Maxwell, Bristol student who undertook work experience at ASDAN

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