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Customer survey results show ASDAN continues to provide high quality service

Customer survey results show ASDAN continues to provide high quality service

Providing top customer service is a key priority for ASDAN. Holly Edwards announces the results of this year's customer survey, which shows that our centres continue to rate us highly as well as valuing the impact of our courses on young people.

As an organisation, ASDAN is made up of dedicated, passionate employees. At the very core of everything we do is a commitment to giving all learners the opportunity and tools to discover, develop and make full use of their abilities. We strive to develop and evolve as an organisation so that we can continue to support educators in celebrating and recognising achievement. We want to help raise aspirations and engage young people in learning, giving students the best possible chance to realise their potential.

In April, I was pleased to report on the actions we had taken as a result of the 2017 customer survey. These results helped us launch the 2018 survey, which this year was live for four weeks across July.

One of my favourite jobs over the summer is analysing our customer survey results. The hard work, commitment and heart practitioners pour into their work is clear across every single response to this year’s survey. It is heartening to read how educators are using ASDAN courses to make a real difference to thousands of young people. This blog is partly a celebration of what was another phenomenal result for us.

High rating from centres

More than 450 people responded to our survey this year, rating us across a wide range of customer support services and provision.

  • 96% rated the response to enquiries from our central team as excellent or good
  • 92% rated ongoing support from regional representatives as excellent or good
  • 94% rated our free regional information days as excellent or good
  • 92% rated the experience of registering with ASDAN as excellent or good
  • 93% rated the effectiveness of ASDAN’s courses in developing personal, social and work-related skills as excellent or good
  • 99% of delegates at training workshops rated their experience excellent or good

Constructive feedback

We are extremely proud of these results but we are not complacent and we know there is more we can do to improve and enhance the service we provide. Centres gave us some extremely useful constructive feedback and recommendations. For example, we learned that customers are keen to see us continue to invest in our provision, especially in terms of ensuring our courses remain relevant and up-to-date. We are currently working on exciting new programmes and qualifications as well as developing existing courses and we will provide updates on these over the coming year.

Customer quotes

This year’s survey contains many fantastic quotes from our centres across a wide range of our services and provision. I've included some examples below.

Customer support

  • The team is extremely helpful. I love the fact that there is always a 'real' person to speak to who is knowledgeable of the qualification and happy to help. The people I have spoken to have gone above and beyond what was expected.
  • I have worked with ASDAN for many years and I am always pleased with the high quality customer service given from all areas of the company.
  • I cannot praise the staff at ASDAN enough for the ongoing support and advice they readily supply. Thank you all for making my job easier.

ASDAN regional representatives

  • My regional rep is absolutely fantastic! There is never anything which is too big or small for them to help me with. Their training and explanation of courses and moderation are second to none ­– I would definitely recommend ASDAN courses.
  • I have always had a good relationship with ASDAN and the fact that you tend to have one point of contact is brilliant. To have that is ideal and helps build a trusting bond.
  • My regional manager always responds promptly and is very knowledgeable. He advises me about courses available and ideas on personalised programmes for our individual students.

How our customers feel about ASDAN

  • I am proud to be associated with ASDAN because of shared values ­– the most important being that the learners' best interests are at the core of what we do.
  • I am extremely proud to be associated with ASDAN and advocate strongly for the service that the organisation provides. The ASDAN team are exceptional professionals who provide excellent flexible provision and an outstanding range of accreditation. They are always open to exploring opportunities for growth and development and remain committed to ensuring the needs of their service users are met.
  • I love ASDAN because it offers a methodology and rigour across the board, which informs but does not dictate the curriculum, and allows me to show what my students can do and achieve 

The impact of ASDAN courses

  • ASDAN has given our students the opportunity to have success in life. It has allowed them to take control of their own learning, developing academic skills, organisational skills, life skills and independence. It has given our students the opportunity to showcase their skills and talents in an educational setting that hasn’t allowed this to happen before.
  • I have seen a massive increase in confidence and self-esteem. Pupils are engaged and take great pride in their work, which is lovely to see.
  • It has allowed learners to enjoy learning while working towards a qualification. There is a wide range of topics and life skills covered, giving a well rounded experience for learners.

The survey will be live again next summer, but if you have any feedback to share in the meantime, please don’t hesitate to get in touch – I’d love to hear from you. My email is

Author: Holly Edwards, Charity and Member Services Manager

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