Notification for ASDAN centres on Covid-19 can be viewed here

Publication date: 26 March 2020

ASDAN would like to reassure centres that we are here to support you as best we can during the ongoing Covid-19 situation.

We have been operating virtually since Monday 23 March and our centre support team and regional managers will continue to be available by phone or email. Our premises will only be open for deliveries at pre-arranged times for the next two weeks, but otherwise, we will be open for business remotely.

For students and teachers that were preparing for qualifications, we will continue to work with the Department for Education, Ofqual, the Federation of Awarding Bodies and the other awarding organisations and regulators to define the detail of how the government’s plan will work. We will share more information as soon as we have it.

Update for centres delivering ASDAN qualifications

Audit and approval

For centres with approval or audit visits booked, your external quality assurer (EQA) will be in contact to rearrange the date or make arrangements for a virtual visit by video conferencing, for example via Skype.

Moderation visits

We have now made the decision to cancel all moderation visits booked this academic year and carry out all moderations postally. This is in order to minimise any risk to centres, your students and our visiting representatives.

We are extending the deadline for moderation in this academic year to 31 July. We hope this will help centres to support learners to fully complete their ASDAN qualifications this year, should they wish.

We are committed to supporting centres and learners as much as we can, and we will be as flexible as possible without compromising the integrity of our qualifications. For example, where final checks to candidate work have been made, but it has not been possible to make any minor adjustments, we will accept a covering letter of explanation.

It is essential that in all cases the evidence for meeting all assessment criteria must be sufficient, reliable and valid; therefore when submitting work for moderation, centres must use their professional judgement as to whether their candidates are ready for moderation. Alternatively, they may decide to postpone moderation until their evidence is complete, or claim certification for completed units only.

Update for centres delivering ASDAN programmes

PDP and PfA moderation meetings

At this stage, we are continuing to plan moderation meetings in June and July for Personal Development Programmes (Bronze, Silver, Gold) and Preparing for Adulthood Programmes (New Horizons, Transition Challenge, Towards Independence, Workright). We will be guided by government advice on the holding of such events. In instances where moderation meetings are cancelled, we will switch to postal moderations instead.

Programmes certificates

There is likely to be a short delay in posting requested printed certificates to centres, though we will do our best in the current circumstances to process such orders. Please note that pdf certificates for Short Courses and Key Steps can be downloaded free of charge from our website.

Information for all centres

All ASDAN events, including workshops and support events, have been cancelled in the short-term. At this stage, we are continuing to plan for our full programme of summer workshops, in June and July of this year, but will be guided by government advice on this. We will update you by email and via our website.

We will at all times comply with our policy and procedures for reasonable adjustments and special consideration, as applicable to the circumstances.

ASDAN’s relationship management team will be offering centres support by phone, email or video conferencing. Contact details for the team are available on the ASDAN website.

Please contact ASDAN’s centre support team on 0117 954 8316 or email if you have any specific concerns in the first instance.

We send our very best wishes for your health and wellbeing in the coming weeks and months. 

The ASDAN team