A chance to shine


As Asiya prepared for her college interview, she felt confident that her ASDAN achievements would give her an edge. She was proud to show off her certificates and knew she had plenty to talk about thanks to doing CoPE.

Two years previously, Asiya had entered Year 10 of Judgemeadow Community College with little confidence. A quiet student on the C/D borderline, she was advised to take ASDAN (Bronze, CoPE and Wider Key Skills) to help her realise her potential.

A residential trip with her fellow ASDAN students helped bring Asiya out of her shell, giving her the chance to conquer her fears and start believing in herself. She went from being shy and quiet, to being heard; she started to connect with the group more and the relationship with her tutors improved tremendously.

Although she found some of the activities extremely challenging and outside of her comfort zone, Asiya always gave them her all, with support from the other students and staff. She couldn’t believe she had achieved so much. It built up her confidence and self-esteem and set her up well for her final year at Judgemeadow; not just in ASDAN but in her other subjects and school life in general.

Asiya embraced the skills development opportunities offered by CoPE and Wider Key Skills. To demonstrate Working with Others, she worked in a team of four girls to design a T-shirt promoting a charity, as well as raising money for their chosen children’s charity. She learnt vital teamworking skills, as well as the importance of reviewing performance, and the group dynamic improved significantly over the course of the project.

The problem-solving unit was based around the students completing their college application forms. Asiya researched different options and eventually decided to apply for a course in Health and Social Care. The college interviewer showed a lot of interest in her certificates and, as a result of being entered for Level 2 CoPE and Wider Key Skills, she was accepted on to the Level 3 course.

Asiya knew that taking ASDAN had given her this opportunity and, in turn, enhanced her future prospects.

This case study was submitted by Aleksandra Wojcicki as part of her Practitioner's Award.