Engagement and motivation


ValePlus is a day service based in the Vale of Glamorgan, providing lifelong learning and vocational training for adults with learning disabilities. The service has been delivering ASDAN courses for more than 10 years, with many of their learners working towards Entry level 1 qualifications.

The centre has recently started exploring the Focus series of modules, and has discovered that they are ideal for learners who wish to build a portfolio of achievement and follow a structured programme while gaining a certificate for something that they enjoy doing, such as using leisure time.

The most popular programme at ValePlus is Towards Independence. Despite a large range in ability levels, ASDAN creates opportunities for all learners to achieve by supporting multi-level differentiation within each module.

“We feel that ASDAN have got the balance right between offering the right amount of guidance and structure with clear, measurable objectives,” said Hooda Griffiths, the centre’s ASDAN co-ordinator. “Our tutors like the fact that we are given the freedom to design course material around what suits an individual learner the best. This creates engagement and motivation by incorporating their interests and learning style preferences. 

“There is a huge range of modules to choose from so there really is something foreveryone. Course booklets are user-friendly and accessible to all, with opportunities for the learner to feel a sense of ownership by reviewing what they have done best, when they needed help and what they would like to learn in the future. As an organisation, Towards Independence has proved invaluable as a stepping stone, building confidence in learners thus enabling them to progress to more rigorous and challenging qualifications such as Personal Progress and PSD.”

The ASDAN Workright and Employability courses have been very helpful in enabling learners to gain transferable skills and qualities for the workplace. There are supported retail and catering training facilities nearby, which are run entirely by service users. This encourages learners to be part of their local community and engage with members of the public in a real vocational environment. These courses provide the underpinning knowledge and give individuals the tools and confidence they need in the hope that they can progress to future paid employment.