High praise from outstanding school


King John School in Essex has been rated outstanding by Ofsted, with inspectors praising the achievement and behaviour of pupils, and the quality of the teaching. The school has incorporated CoPE‚Äč at Levels 2 and 3 for many years and it is now established as a much-valued course that is highly appreciated by students.

This year, the Level 3 group was able to develop their teamwork, planning and organisational skills by arranging a charity disco for Year 7. The students were required to promote the event and organise food, refreshments, entertainment, a raffle, facilities and much more. Students enjoyed planning and leading and the skills they practised will be needed in future employment and life. It also supported the Year 7 pupils in their transition from primary school, as well as raising over £500 for charity.

Katie Quinn, the school’s CoPE co-ordinator, said: “The students that complete the course are those that need the opportunity to work on cross-curricular skills. Our students thoroughly enjoy the course as it is personalised and engaging.

“We also feel it is vital for some pupils at our school to experience the wide range of activities CoPE has to offer. The Independent Living module enables them to experience real-life activities and learn skills they can use in the future. The Work Related Learning unit is also crucial for the students to plan their life after school.

“I would definitely recommend the course to other schools as it is loved by our students and ASDAN provides excellent support and resources.”