On your bike


CoPE‚Äč students at Imberhorne School demonstrated their pedal power after taking part in a BMX skills session with a professional rider. Mike Mullen visited the West Sussex school to teach the group of Year 10 pupils some impressive tricks and stunts using a set of new bikes purchased with the help of an ASDAN Grant.

Imberhorne School case study bikeAs part of a Sky Sports initiative, the school was treated to two sessions with Mullen, a former Freestyle BMX World Champion, who mentored and inspired the students. He told them how he had managed to become the best in the world at his sport, which required drive and determination. The group then identified two tricks they wanted to learn, and used the activity to complete the Improving Own Learning and Performance skills unit. Some pupils struggled to complete their tricks without Mike there and were close to giving up. However, he worked with these students on an individual basis and helped all of them to achieve what they set out to.

Their teacher, Rob Langstone, said the main lesson learnt was one of perseverence. "This is an activity that lots of students take part in outside  school hours and is something they love. The delight on the students’ faces when they finally mastered their trick was amazing. One student in particular really benefited from spending this time with Mike. He realised that he could do anything he wanted if he had the right support, asked to use it but persevered himself and didn’t give up. I have heard him several times around the school telling other students not to give up on something. He is a changed student and I hope that he continues to remember the messages he picked up that day. We will be able to remind him how amazing he felt about himself after he had completed something that, originally, he said was impossible.

"Without the generosity of ASDAN, we would not have been able to involve the numbers of students that we did as many of them are from families who simply cannot afford such luxuries. The whole activity was amazing and we have already booked up for next year. The bikes are now kindly being serviced for free by a local bike shop as they also see the benefit of such a project, so the whole community are chipping in to support what we are trying to do with the students."