Painsley students speak of pride and achievement


Painsley Catholic College in Cheadle, Staffordshire, links CoPE Level 3 to General RE: half of the course is delivered by form tutors and half by RE teachers.

The course provides an active, engaging and ‘hands-on’ approach to General RE, while form tutors are supported in encouraging the development, pastoral, social and emotional skills in their students. It quantifies many of the extra-curricular achievements of the college's students and enables them to gain formal recognition for their efforts.

A significant number of pupils spoke about their experiences of completing ASDAN CoPE L3 in their personal statements for university entry. Many of them expressed their pride and sense of achievement in charitable endeavours and community projects. The students were able to cite their experiences of research as preparation for the demands of rigorous programs of study.

Painsley Catholic College CoPE L3 students

For those who have not applied to university, the course has helped them to feel confident in their abilities in team working and problem solving. Students also use CoPE Level 3 to build and develop skills that they want to use in the future; for example, by volunteering with groups of young children and the elderly in preparation for careers in youth work or caring.

Painsley Catholic College staff stated: "The value of the course is its flexible, personalised and organic approach to education. With freedom from prescription, students are given the chance to guide and shape the direction of their own learning in ways that challenge and stretch them, academically and pastorally."

CoPE Level 3 will be rolled out to whole of the sixth form – approximately 220 students – starting in September 2013, continuing the link to General RE.