Planning for the future


Staff at Broadoak Mathematics & Computing College are delivering the Careers and Experiencing Work Short Course across a whole year group, as part of the school’s PSHE programme. ASDAN Co-ordinator Jane Thorne explains how the Short Course has helped structure and accredit their students’ Careers education.

We have introduced the Short Course to our Year 10 students, who are starting to think about the options open to them once they leave school. We needed a course that could cater to a wide range of abilities. Careers and Experiencing Work fits the bill, enabling individual students to access the curriculum at the level that’s most appropriate to them.

Students have been working through Module 1: Future Planning, using Kudos and the other CASCAiD software available through their individual user licences, which can be purchased with the Careers and Experiencing Work student books. As well as researching the different personal qualities, qualifications and aptitudes needed for different careers, we have focused on what employers are looking for and what personal skills are considered useful to employers. The Kudos careers searches have been a brilliant way of opening students’ eyes to the options available to them, and encouraging them to think about what they will do when they leave school.

This ASDAN Short Course has given structure and purpose to the work we would be doing anyway, encouraging students to focus more on the tasks at hand. The links between the book and the CASCAiD software have helped staff to plan lessons and all of the students are able to complete most of the activities (with support where required) and make a valuable contribution to discussions. Working towards a certificate in recognition of their work is a great motivator!