Student testimonial: Danielle


Danielle – former CoPE Level 3 Student

Danielle Wilson studied BBA Management at Lancaster University and completed an Internship as the Marketing and Communications Specialist for the Thomson Reuters Account at Fujitsu. She believes CoPE‚Äč has made a huge difference to her career prospects.

I completed CoPE Level 3 when I was studying my A Levels at Lincoln Minster School. CoPE has allowed me to show that through my extra-curricular activities that I have the transferable skills needed in the world of work. I developed the confidence to present to various audiences, work effectively within a team, both as a leader and being led, I can research thoroughly and effectively, calmly approach a problem or uneasy situation and develop ways in which to solve and overcome it and find it comfortable and easy to form and run a discussion.

My CoPE Qualification has helped me a great deal through university and beyond. When applying to universities, CoPE allowed me to stand out from other potential candidates, which is essential with so many applicants applying to the top universities. 

During my time at Lancaster studying BBA Management, I found the skills I gained from completing my CoPE Award to be incredibly valuable. Unlike school, university work was extremely varied and included a large amount of group work, presentations and a great deal of research driven reports and essays. Almost reiterating the six modules of the CoPE Award, I had already developed all of the skills needed for these activities. 

Being a four-year sandwich course, my biggest challenge in my second year at university was applying to internships for my year in industry. It was a very daunting situation, as the competition was great, with hundreds, to even thousands of students applying for certain roles. Standing out seemed even more difficult this time around. This was made harder from my passion to want to work in the very popular area of marketing. 

CoPE had forced me to look closely at everything I had done in the recent past and think about how it had changed me and developed me. Every job application I saw was full of competency based questions such as ‘Give an example of a situation where you have had to implement change. How did you approach the situation, what was the outcome?’ I could answer these with ease through referring back to CoPE.

My job role in Fujitsu was Marketing and Communications Specialist for the Thomson Reuters Account, which in itself was very exciting. Within my job, first and foremost I managed all communications on the Thomson Reuters account. Being a global account, it could be very exciting. I designed and put together newsletters, ran conferences with Asia and America, filmed my Account Director for bulletins to go out globally and wrote articles and good news stories. I was given a great deal of responsibility, such as £10,000 budgets to organise and run corporate networking events.

CoPE Level 3 has had such a big impact on me. My internship required me to work with, present and engage with such a large and varied audience, from managing directors to sixth form students. I used to be very shy with new people and was always indecisive and worried about getting things wrong. Now I have grown to be a lot more self-confident, assertive and I know that I have the skills to overcome any challenges that I may face and if it goes wrong, I can learn from it and develop myself further. If I hadn’t developed my skills like I did through CoPE, I wouldn’t be where I am.

When talking about the CoPE Level 3 to prospective students I would have to say do it! CoPE is so easy to do. You may already have the skills you need to complete it, but just don’t know it. I used experiences such as Young Enterprise, which can be time consuming, but I also used my coursework which I already had to complete for my studies and I also used my driving test as one of the units, which is something I really wanted to do.

CoPE opens your eyes and makes you think about how your experiences has shaped you as a person and allows you to then put those experiences together to form a recognised qualification. Doing this is simple and it makes such a difference.