Youth Voice Award


Youth Voice AwardThe Youth Voice Award has been developed by the British Youth Council, with support from The Co-operative, to recognise and accredit the hard work of young people within their local communities. The ASDAN-accredited programme also challenges participants to try something new, exciting and innovative.

Since it started running two years ago, 388 young people from all over the UK have achieved the award. A reception was held in Westminster to honour all those that completed the course in 2012.

The Youth Voice Award involves at least ten hours of varying activities and the process of completing the programme is made as straightforward as possible through the use of a logbook and staff handbook. By taking part, young people are able to reflect on the skills they have learnt, develop new skills and learn something new about themselves and the young people they represent.

The British Youth Council has now developed a similar award to accredit and reward young people’s involvement in their school councils. To find out more, email