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ASDAN highlighted in new education report


The Education for All: Evidence from the past, principles for the future report, launched on March 29th at the House of Commons, holds ASDAN qualifications up as part of a ‘wider vision of learning’ and calls for this vision to be realised by ‘reward[ing] the practical as well as the academic, informal and experiential as well as formal learning, and draw[ing] upon the wide range of expertise within the community.’

The report's authors, Professor Andrew Pollard of the Institute of Education, London and Professor Richard Pring of the University of Oxford, summarise ASDAN’s contribution to ‘wider vision in practice’ (section 5), as follows:

‘Awarding Skills for Employment and Skills for Life: ASDAN is an internationally recognised awarding body whose mission is to create the opportunity to develop skills for learning, for employment and for life. This complements the predominantly knowledge based focus of the National Curriculum. The emphasis is on using practical activities as the template for personal growth.’