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ASDAN's Response to the Government's Review of Offender Learning


ASDAN welcomes the Making Prisons Work: Skills for Rehabilitation Report from the Department for Business, Innovation and Skills and Ministry of Justice, in particular the emphasis on enabling offenders to develop the skills and aptitudes that will make them attractive to employers, via skills and employment systems at a local level.

We support the report’s finding that Governors of Prisons want more interaction with learning providers to ensure they have enough influence on what will be delivered. We have always been committed to working with teams in prisons and our distinctive methodology is ideally suited to this more challenging group of learners.

ASDAN’s engagement with employers via our Employment and Skills Forum offers broad scope to establish effective partnerships at a local level. Our range of programmes is ideally suited to the Virtual Campus within custody, as well as probationary and re-settlement settings.

We look forward to working with the Government and helping them to achieve their objectives via our high-quality provision of employability and skills-based programmes and qualifications.

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