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Co-op Update


You may know that ASDAN and the Co-operative College have collaborated to develop and recognise learner achievement and progression from Key Stage 2 through to Key Stage 5 in the production of Co-operative Studies resources. The collaboration enables learners to gain ASDAN certificates of achievement for Stepping Stones, Key Steps, Enterprise Short Course and/or the CoPE qualification through Co-operative Studies.

Co-operative schools on the up

On the national scene, the Co-operative schools network is the fastest growing in England, outstripping all other chains of well-publicised providers. It represents the third largest association of schools in the country, with over 200 schools established or within the process of conversion.

The Co-operative College has now established a Co-operative Academy Trust model for schools seeking Academy status under current legislation. This sits alongside previously established Co-operative Foundation Trusts, and both models can be used for secondary and primary schools. Each model provides a way for schools wishing to use Co-operative values to develop relationships with parents, staff and students to achieve positive change through mutual support.

How do Co-operative Trusts work?

A distinctive feature of Co-operative schools is that they allow pupils, teachers, parents, local people and employers to become members of the ‘Trust’, forming a community-based mutual organisation. This is a real alternative to ‘top down’ approaches and develops local responsibility, balancing the needs of consumers with those of providers, giving stakeholders a real say. ASDAN Education is pleased to be associated with this ‘bottom up’ community responsive approach; it is already resulting in sustained improvements through a real sense of governance ownership by staff students and other stakeholders.

  • The Co-operative Academy Trust model details can be found on the DfE website.
  • Both the Co-operative Academy Trust and the Co-operative Foundation Trust models are outlined in more detail in the Co-operative Trust Schools Brochure.

Information and contacts for your SLT

  • For details about Co-operative Academy Trusts,
    contact Julie Thorpe on 0161 246 2958 or
  • For details about Co-operative Foundation Trusts,
    contact Sean Rogers on 0161 246 2976 or