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Careers and Experiencing Work


The Careers & Experiencing Work Short Course has been produced to support the delivery of Careers and work-related education, and to help with planning and undertaking work experience/placements. It can support your centre in meeting its duty 'to secure independent and impartial careers guidance for young people' (Education Act 2011) by securing access to independent careers guidance for pupils aged 13-16 and providing information on options for Post-16 education, training and Apprenticeships.

The Careers & Experiencing Work Short Course comprises seven modules:

  • Self-Development
  • Career Exploration
  • Career Management
  • Considering Higher Education
  • Considering Apprenticeships
  • Preparing for the Workplace
  • Being at Work

As a flexible, multi-level award, it provides a stand-alone certificate of achievement, as well as the opportunity for progression to qualifications such as AoPE, CoPE or Wider Key Skills.