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New course helps close gaps in Careers Education


A report by Ofsted has concluded that the new statutory duty for schools to provide Careers Education and Guidance is not working well enough.

The report, Going in the right direction? Careers guidance in schools from September 2012, raises concerns about the lack of focus on information, advice and guidance prior to Year 11. Ofsted also reveals that, in the weakest provision, 'students did not have opportunities to explore their ideas thoroughly or have access to enough information'.

ASDAN developed a Careers and Experiencing Work Short Course, in collaboration with CASCAiD Ltd, to support schools in their new statutory duty. The programme makes use of experiential learning alongside nationally recognised software resource, KUDOS.

The Careers and Experiencing Work Short Course addresses many of Ofsted’s findings and recommendations, helping teachers to:

  • Promote links to local employers and employment opportunities (Module 2)
  • Signpost a range of opportunities, including Apprenticeships and other Post-16 and HE options (Modules 2-5)
  • Get the most out of the National Careers Service (Modules 4 and 5)
  • Plan activities and record progress and milestones in careers development, providing an audit trail that enables schools to evaluate their provision

All of this is underpinned by a learner-centred approach that encourages self-management and personal development, in line with the most successful provision, identified by Ofsted as helping students to: ‘broaden their minds about the options open to them; inspire and motivate them to succeed at school; and to reflect carefully and make informed choices about their future careers’.

Many schools have already found that the Careers and Experiencing Work Short Course can support their Careers Education framework. Tony Hope, Head of Careers at Barrs Hill School and Community College in Coventry, said: “The programme was simple to follow and learners were able to choose activities that helped them with careers destinations. The structural focus this programme provides coupled with the evidence gathering encourages learners to work independently and take responsibility for their career development.”

Ofsted will continue to focus on Careers Education and Guidance in the course of their inspections, increasing the pressure on schools to ‘develop and implement a clear strategy for careers guidance and ensure… students are well supported in making decisions about their career pathways’.

Ofsted’s recommends that the DfE should ‘provide clear and more explicit guidance to schools’. ASDAN welcomes this recommendation and supports the drive to ensure that schools prioritise Careers Education and Guidance.