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ModBac endorsed by respected educationalists


One of the most frequently used terms in education this year has been ‘baccalaureate’. Whilst the International Baccalaureate is generally understood, the newer arrivals need clarification.

The English Baccalaureate (EBacc) is very much aligned to more narrowly-defined academic thinking, rather than the wider needs of young people, the ambition of their communities and the aspirations of ‘Great Britain plc’. Two initiatives formed to campaign for a more balanced recognition of academic, vocational, creative and enrichment educational achievement have now linked to offer a more inclusive model; the Modern Baccalaureate (ModBac) and Better Baccalaureate (Better Bacc) movements are rooted in outstanding classroom practice, joined-up informal and non-formal learning experiences, and a passion to create the “rounded and grounded” young people that both employers and further and higher education need.

A Better Bacc that accredits a whole education experience has long been the focus of Whole Education, a partnership of like-minded schools, individuals and organisations that believe all young people should have a fully rounded education, developing the knowledge, skills and qualities needed to help them thrive and progress in education, life and work.

ModBac is a grassroots movement supported by ASDAN Education and offers just such a solution. Now extending to a national pilot of over twenty schools, it is in active dialogue with two local authorities interested in a locally branded and locally owned solution to accredit the learning journey from primary school into the workplace.

There can be few more respected figures in education than Sir Tim Brighouse and Sir Mike Tomlinson; they voice their support for this combined endeavour:

“It is the sort of initiative such as the Modbac/Better Bacc that can begin to change the focus on the predominance of a narrowly defined academic route, and widen the options towards a holistic framework for equal recognition of both academic and vocational education achievement.”
Sir Tim Brighouse

“The ModBac/Better Bacc initiative, supported by ASDAN and Whole Education, gives welcome focus to recognising and honouring a range of curriculum pathways and achievements of learners that will help to meet the needs of all young people and promote the importance of the technical, the creative and the vocational alongside the academic pathways; not only for progression to higher and further education but also equally for employment and the world of work.”
Sir Mike Tomlinson