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Our Short Courses in a wide range of themes and activities are not only great curriculum programmes, but they are also the vehicles through which personal and employability skills can be developed and demonstrated. Many of them come under the headings of ‘enrichment’ or ‘extended activities’, but however you categorise them, they continue to be a popular choice for framing and accrediting the work young people do in these areas.

You can use them:

  • As courses to structure and accredit your programmes
  • To recognise skills that young people can’t help but develop and use in hands-on learning
  • With learners of all abilities to enjoy and achieve
  • In flexible ways to suit your situation
  • For certificates of achievement in a wide variety of learning activities
  • To help young people see the relevance of what they do – to contextualise, enthuse, intrigue, deepen knowledge, understanding and communication and build confidence
  • To build and underpin learning skills for academic achievement in core subjects


Short Courses accredit between 10 and 60 hours of study and activities and each one provides a curriculum that can enhance and support the work and skills development of learners in a variety of settings. Themed activities and challenges are grouped into modules, such as in the examples below:

  • Careers and Experiencing Work: Career Exploration; Career Management; Considering Higher Education; Considering Apprenticeships; Preparing for the Workplace; Being at Work.
  • FoodWise: Healthy Eating; Basic Food Safety; Food Preparation and Presentation; Cooking on a Budget; Entertaining; The Food Industry; Practical Cooking Skills.
  • Personal Finance: Money In and Money Out; Keeping Track; Looking Ahead; Choices, Choices; Making the World Go Round?
  • Expressive Arts: Explore; Create, Perform, Present; Arts in Action; Working in the Arts; Appreciate, Applaud, Review.
  • Sports and Fitness: Sports Skills and Participation; Fitness; Coaching and Officiating; Sports Study.

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