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A fresh approach to language learning


We are delighted to introduce the Languages Short Course!

It has been developed in partnership with the Association for Language Learning (ALL), aimed mainly, but not exclusively, at supporting core subjects in schools.

You can use it:

  • As an introductory or companion course for young people at various ages and stages in their language learning
  • To build and underpin academic excellence in language studies, e.g. as a foundation for EBacc
  • For learners of all abilities, in all languages to enjoy and achieve
  • In flexible ways to suit your situation
  • For certificates of achievement in a wide variety of language-learning activities
  • To help young people see the relevance of language learning – to contextualise, enthuse, intrigue, develop skills, deepen knowledge, understanding and communication and build confidence

The Languages Short Course accredits between 10 and 60 hours of foreign language studies and activities and provides a curriculum that can lead towards, enhance and support GCSEs and the EBacc. A choice of language-themed activities and challenges are grouped into the following modules:

  • It's my life (my world and the world about me)
  • Just getting in touch (communication and interaction)
  • The perfect host (hosts, visitors and local knowledge)
  • What's it like over there? (lifestyles)
  • My language (sounds, spelling, pronunciation and intonation)
  • What's going on? (contemporary culture)
  • Imagine (creativity and open topics)