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ASDAN and Experience Medicine summer school


The University of Warwick and Queen Mary, University of London are pleased to announce that students who complete their joint Experience Medicine summer school will also fulfil the requirements of the ASDAN Universities Award, which will be issued to those who successfully complete this medicine-focused programme.

The long-established Universities Award provides a framework to accredit a range of post-16 activities through an activity-based curriculum. It is designed for post-16 students who want to progress to Higher Education, or into Apprenticeships or employment for which it is equally applicable.

For many years the Award has been referred to in the Personal Statement section of the UCAS How to Apply guidance. ASDAN continues to feature prominently in the new online UCAS guidance for applicants to Higher Education from September 2014. See especially: Planning your future (where ASDAN is featured under Activities you can do before applying at the bullet points: 'Skills development – ASDAN, Duke of Edinburgh, National Citizen Service or young enterprise...' and 'Accreditation in personal effectiveness for activities that prepare you for higher education – ASDAN.'

For further information on how ASDAN’s provision can help you plan your future progression, please contact Kath Grant.