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John Dunford calls for the English Baccalaureate to link to ASDAN


"Accreditation can be much more than a list of subject grades at C or above. If, for example, the English Bac were to be linked to ASDAN, which accredits a wide range of skills and activities - the Bac could do so much more, giving greater credence to learning that takes place well beyond the school, in youth groups, through volunteering, at home and online.

Employers want to take on intelligent young people with qualifications, but they more often cite skills such as team-working and communication and qualities such as resilience and dependability. Young people cannot develop these skills and qualities in vacuo, so it is important that the knowledge set out in the new national curriculum is taken by individual institutions - or groups of schools working together - to produce a coherent curriculum of knowledge and skills that combine to give local communities and their young people what they need."

- John Dunford, Chairman of Whole Education and former General Secretary of the Association of School and College Leaders (ASCL), quoted in The TES, December 3rd 2010