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Interpersonal and team working skills as important as English and Maths, says report


ASDAN welcomes the report, Making Education Work, on the review of England’s education system by an independent advisory group of prominent business leaders. Chaired by leading academic Professor Sir Roy Anderson, the report identifies ways to stabilise the system and make it fit for the future.

We are particularly pleased to note the following recommendations, which reflect what has always been – and remains – at the heart of ASDAN programmes and qualifications:

  • Recommendation 3: ‘…adopt a framework for key competences…which include…learning to learn individually and as part of a team, personal, interpersonal and intercultural competence… a sense of initiative and entrepreneurship, creativity and cultural awareness. These competencies must fall under the inspection framework and should be embedded throughout the curriculum and associated qualifications.
  • Recommendation 5: ‘Non-cognitive skills and attributes such as team working, emotional maturity, empathy and other interpersonal skills are as important as proficiency in English and mathematics in ensuring young people’s employment prospects. Assessment should reflect this reality and so investment is needed to support assessment experts in finding ways of reliably evidencing these skills’

Watch the video below to hear Kath Grant explain how ASDAN's Certificate of Personal Effectiveness can help to build a culture of achievement.

This video was recorded at a conference organised by KeyCoNet, a European policy network. The organisation has published a European mapping of initiatives on the development of key competences, which links to recommendation 3 above. The full document can be accessed here.