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Schools with Soul


The Schools with Soul report by RSA into Spiritual, Moral, Social and Cultural (SMSC) development in schools reflects the tensions between examination outcomes and wider measures of education experienced by many of our centres. 

ASDAN is well placed to support key recommendations, particularly those regarding:

  • Ofsted: a more consistent and rigorous approach to the inspection of SMSC provision and outcomes
  • Pupil Premium funding: supporting the development of SMSC outcomes, linked to strategies for closing attainment gaps
  • Foundations and other funders developing a simple SMSC auditing tool, which can help schools evaluate their current SMSC provision.

The impact of a more holistic approach to learning, particularly for learners experiencing disadvantage such as those receiving Pupil Premium, is well understood by ASDAN centres. We fully support an increased focus on these aspects of personal education in order  both to close the attainment gap  and to make the most of the extended curriculum opportunities offered by so many schools and colleges. Together with the CoED Foundation and the School Development Support Agency, ASDAN is already engaged with the development of an auditing tool/outcome measure as suggested in the recommendations of this report.