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Letter from the CEO: Summer 2014


Dear colleagues,

At ASDAN we are crystal clear that our main task is to ensure that we continue to meet the needs of all learners in the diverse range of organisations we work with. You may be aware that we recently commissioned external research to find out what you, our customers, think of our services, what we should retain and how we can better meet the needs of your learners.

I was delighted the research found that ASDAN’s service to its centres is held in high regard. You like our values, approach, training and customer service but you believe we need to adapt to the changing national policy context if we are to continue to meet your needs. In particular, you asked us to consider developing some examinations that enable secondary school students to gain points from ASDAN courses. While we strongly believe the educational value of ASDAN qualifications is in developing generic, transferable skills and knowledge through a portfolio-based framework, we are exploring other end-assessment options. We are also pleased to report the good news that CoPE Level 3 has been approved as a high quality and rigorous qualification, which will contribute to 16-19 performance measures.

You will be pleased to hear we are soon to launch a new website which will address many of the issues raised in your feedback. We are also initiating, and funding, some pilot eLearning projects with schools and new ways of working with our customers. This includes collaborative curriculum development work and using the expertise within the education sector to co-design the courses of the future. We will let you know about our work and successes via the website, emails and the ASDAN Bulletin.

We look forward to continuing to work with you to ensure that your learners’ needs, as well as your own, are met even more effectively in the future.

Maggie Walker
Chief Executive, ASDAN Education