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New statutory guidance for Careers education in schools


The Department for Education has produced new statutory guidance for anyone involved in providing young people with careers advice in schools.

ASDAN's flexible Careers and Experiencing Work Short Course is perfectly placed to support centres to meet this new DfE requirement as it:

  • Provides a structured way for learners in Years 8-13 to access independent careers guidance
  • Is made up of real-life challenges in a clear framework preventing an ad hoc approach
  • Engages those in need of targeted support to have high aspirations so avoiding NEET outcomes
  • Includes challenges that encourage inter-agency work · Was developed with the support of CASCAiD – the leading provider of computer-based impartial careers information and guidance solutions.
  • Provides access to CASCAiD resources through an individual user agreement

More than 4,000 copies of the Short Course have been purchased by schools, colleges and training providers since it was launched in 2012 and feedback has been extremely positive, with centres reporting success at both Key Stage 4 and Key Stage 5.

Find out more about ASDAN's Careers and Experiencing Work Short Course.