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Parents voice concerns about "academic-focused" education system


The education system is not giving young people the skills they need for the world of work and is far too focused on academia, a survey of parents has revealed.

Of the 3,500 people interviewed, two thirds said that education did not prepare pupils for working life and 64% stated that young people were not developing important skills like communication and teamwork.

The study, which was carried out by City and Guilds, showed that while 72% of parents recognised the value of vocational qualifications, more than half of those questioned believed that the education system was too fixated on academia.

ASDAN's programmes and qualifications develop skills for learning, employment and life through a range of curriculum subjects and enrichment activities.

The Careers and Experiencing Work Short Course supports Careers and work-related education and provides a curriculum to help young people think about and prepare for the world of work.

Chris Jones, Chief Executive of the City & Guilds Group said: "It’s no surprise that parents are concerned about their children’s futures. The education system isn’t doing enough to link what’s being learnt in the classroom to future careers, or advise young people about the opportunities available to them. This isn’t good enough.

"It’s crucial that young people are given the chance to understand what the workplace is like, and learn about the skills they need to open the door to their dream jobs.

"Parents naturally want the best for their children, and they realise that employers want more in a candidate than just good grades."