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ASDAN responds to Skills Commission report


ASDAN has welcomed today's report and recommendations from the Skills Commission, Still in Tune? The Skills System and the Changing Structures of Work.

Maggie Walker, ASDAN CEO, said: “We are particularly pleased to see the report state so forcefully the need for our young people to receive a rounded education, comprising elements of academic, vocational and practical learning. Unfortunately, ministers continue to focus on the academic subjects to the detriment of skills-based learning and now we have serious skills gaps in the workforce, with employers complaining that our young people are not properly prepared for the world of work. This was to be predicted.

“Businesses have told the Commission that what they value most in job applicants is their interpersonal and social skills, such as good communication, team work and adaptability. ASDAN has been banging this drum for the past 30 years, and has established, tried and tested qualifications that support the development of these skills in young people. Yet there persists an attitude that these are qualities for less academic students. There is too little joined-up thinking about what our businesses and industries need.

“As the report quite rightly states, all of our young people should enter the workplace not just with good academic qualifications but with the skills to be able to hold down that job, and to be productive members of the workforce. This can only be achieved with a curriculum and qualifications system that is relevant to the needs of our economy.”

You can download the full report from the Skills Commission website.