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Whole Education Conference: 18th-19th November


ASDAN will be in attendance at Whole Education's Annual Conference, titled An Education Worth Having, on the 18th and 19th November. The event is designed to help schools and the education system to fulfill the organisation's core moral purpose: to enable all young people to achieve their potential through an entitlement to a ‘whole education’.

The conference will demonstrate innovative and creative approaches that have proven impact to meet short-term needs and longer-term aspirations. It will be facilitated by Anthony Mackay, Co-Chair of the Global Education Leaders Programme and Chair of the Innovation Unit. Other speakers and sessions include:

  • John Hattie, internationally acclaimed education researcher
  • Dr Linda Kaser & Dr Judy Halbert, Network of Inquiry and Innovation
  • Ron Berger, Chief Academic Officer for Expeditionary Learning
  • Narrowing the Gap Enquiry Seminar

A one-day ticket costs £295 and a two-day ticket £495, with discounts available for group bookings. Contact Chloe on or 020 7250 8423 with any questions or to reserve places.