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Education manifesto indicators


ASDAN will continue to monitor parties' statements on education in the run-up to the general election in May. This page will be updated to report on what has been pledged.

The Labour Party

Labour leader Ed Miliband has made five promises about education should his party be successful in May. Among his comments, the following issues accord closely with the educational vision and values of ASDAN:

  1. "We will ensure equal respect right across the curriculum: vocational, academic and creative subjects."
  2. Bringing in compulsory work experience for all young people aged 14-16.
  3. Redesigning the curriculum for citizenship education, and introducing compulsory age-appropriate sex and relationship education in schools.

Liberal Democrats

Schools minister David Laws has outlined Liberal Democrats' policies for education, as reported in the Guardian. These include:

  • All teachers in state schools must be qualified, or working towards qualification.
  • All nurseries must have at least one qualified early years teacher by 2020.
  • Increase in pupil premium in early years.
  • Ofsted to inspect academy chains.
  • Profit-making schools ruled out.
  • Fund new mainstream schools only where places are needed.
  • Extend free school meals to all primary pupils.
  • Ensure fair admissions for all schools.
  • Help establish a profession-led Royal College of Teachers to oversee training and development.
  • Establish an independent body responsible for the curriculum and exam standards.

Concerning Pupil Premium funding, Mr Laws said: "I firmly defend the principle that disadvantaged children should get extra support. Schools are doing some incredible things with the money – one-to-one tuition, small study groups, breakfast clubs – and the worst thing we could do is stifle teachers’ innovation and imagination by dictating how it should be spent. I am confident that, in the hands of teachers and with proper accountability, the pupil premium will lead to even greater progress for disadvantaged pupils in the years ahead."

The Green Party

The Guardian has published an article with the Green Party’s Samantha Pancheri about their educational pledges. These three statements closely match the educational vision and values of ASDAN:

  1. “We believe strongly in recognising children as individuals with varying learning styles and needs, so a child-focused approach to teaching is at the heart of our vision for education."
  2. “Our proposed citizenship programme, to be taught in all schools, will ensure that pupils understand how the political system works and how it impacts all aspects of life."
  3. “We have extensive social and economic policies to combat poverty and protect vulnerable children from its effects. Anything that aims to help disadvantaged children in school is to be commended."


Prime Minister David Cameron has promised that if the Conservatives are re-elected they will push ahead and open 500 new Free Schools which would not be run by the council but will be government funded. Studio Schools are a version of a Free School who are usually small schools with no more than 300 students. These schools are not restricted by the National Curriculum and are based around project style learning. The focus of the Studio School is to provide the skills and qualifications needed for the work place or to be able to better access Further Education. This matches ASDAN’s Vision of developing skills for learning, skills for employment and skills for life.


UKIP policy on education is also to support the principle of Free Schools which would again match ASDANs vision of developing skills for learning, skills for employment and skills for life through a Studio School arrangement.

ASDAN's vision and values

ASDAN provides structured, flexible, accredited curriculum programmes in the key areas of Sex and Relationships Education, Careers and Experiencing Work and Citizenship. We also give young people the opportunity to develop personal skills for learning, employability and life. Our charitable purpose includes for "the relief of poverty, where poverty inhibits such opportunities for learners", closely following the Pupil Premium ethos.