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Police cadets to receive ASDAN accreditation


The National Volunteer Police Cadets is a programme for young people aged 13-18 that aims to:

  • Promote a practical understanding of policing amongst all young people
  • Encourage the spirit of adventure and good citizenship
  • Support local policing priorities through volunteering and give young people a chance to be heard
  • Inspire young people to participate positively in their communities

Tracey Fuller, a police officer from Devon and Cornwall Police, has been working for two years to develop a curriculum for this fast-growing uniformed organisation. The course is accredited by ASDAN under our customised programme. It is based around a record of service achievement book, which records the development and progression of a cadet on a five-year journey from recruit to senior cadet.

Tracey said: “Our work with ASDAN has been a milestone in the recognition of the cadet workbook and we look forward to our continued relationship.”

PS Nick Healey of Devon and Cornwall Police, the National VPC programme manager, added: “The development of the cadet curriculum has taken the programme towards achieving a nationally recognised standard of police cadets across the UK.”

Each cadet unit is based around the following principles:

  • Ages 13-18
  • 25 per cent of cadets from a vulnerable background
  • Cadets who volunteer for three hours a month to assist in community and crime prevention measures
  • Cadets that represent the diversity of their service area

This is a new opportunity for young people to get involved in community activities. To find your local unit, visit the VPC website.