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New government urged to implement Citizens Curriculum to boost skills


NIACE, an organisation that campaigns for lifelong learning, has called for the next government to implement a 'citizens curriculum' to help all workers develop the skills they need for life and work.

The curriculum would address a deficiency in functional numeracy and literacy skills that affects up to eight million adults and has an impact on people's opportunities and quality of life. The scheme has been trialled in 16 community projects, allowing for a more flexible approach designed around people's needs and their ambitions for the future.

It is one of 10 strategies are outlined in a new report, Ten Policies for Ten People, and NIACE believes they should be implemented within the first 100 days of the next government.

David Hughes, NIACE chief executive, said: "Our proposals are not the complete answer but they show that it is possible to make a real difference to people's lives quickly and without additional public expenditure. There is a strong consensus across political, business and community interests that our skills system has to change. We believe these policies can start a process to deliver that change."