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Research suggests maths anxiety is a significant problem for apprentices


Researchers from the University of Warwick have published their final report exploring the "significant problem" of mathematics anxiety among apprentices.

Sue Johnston Wilder, Janine Brindley and Philip Dent looked at the implications this issue has on the recruitment and progression of STEM apprentices.

They argue that, for many people, this type of anxiety is only experienced mathematics and addressing it directly will promote wellbeing, increase the number of people reaching higher levels of maths attainment and make the subject more accessible.

ASDAN has worked with the University of Warwick and The Progression Trust to develop a Coaching for Mathematics Resilience programme. ASDAN's Mathematics Short Course has been used to train tutors involved in delivering maths lessons to apprentices, helping them to uncover new ways of learning that engage students and build numeracy skills.

Download the research report: A survey of Mathematics Anxiety and Mathematical Resilience among existing apprentices