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Boosting academic attainment through personal development


We are pleased to announce that the Paul Hamlyn Foundation has agreed significant grant funding (£147,000) for an 18-month project led by ASDAN in strategic partnership with The Progression Trust to produce Building for Progression: A Foot on the Ladder, a curriculum and recognition programme.

This programme is designed for primary school age learners at Key Stage 2 (Year 5/6) who are about to make the transition into Key Stage 3 (Year 7) at secondary school. It develops a ‘whole person, whole journey’ approach to progression and achievement, rather than solely focusing on academic attainment.

The work is informed by research including Sir Michael Marmot’s epidemiological health and wellbeing findings on the widening gap between the most disadvantaged and the least disadvantaged learners at these early stages of transition between primary and secondary education.

The project is based in the Midlands, with the Coventry and Warwickshire Higher Education and Training (HEaT) Progression Partnership, chaired by the University of Warwick, as a strategic regional endorsing partner. The project is working with one secondary school, The Avon Valley School, and three associated primary schools, Boughton Leigh Junior School, Northlands Primary School and Riverside Academy, all of which are in Rugby.

The project aim: To produce a curriculum programme that provides resources to develop and recognise the essential characteristics for learner progression which are held in the formula: Attainment + Awareness + Aspiration = Progression

The project outcome: A curriculum programme and teacher guidance focused on bridging Key Stage 2 and Key Stage 3 which helps both learners and teachers to recognise, develop and record achievement in 54 Progression Challenges which support academic attainment through personal development throughout a life journey.