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A-level results day


ASDAN congratulates this year's cohort of A-level students on their results, as well as all learners who have achieved Level 3 ASDAN qualifications this year.

Maggie Walker, ASDAN CEO, said: “Students and their teachers should be commended on what they have achieved during a period when education has been in a state of constant flux.

“Alongside their academic studies, many will also have worked hard on their personal development. This has come to be known as 'soft' skills but there is nothing soft or easy about striving to become a well-rounded and balanced individual, who is ready for the workplace or higher education and able to be a contributing and valuable member of society.

“We particularly congratulate all the students who have achieved in our own qualifications, notably the Certificate of Personal Effectiveness, which draws together interpersonal, study and life skills. We wholeheartedly support the messages from business and industry that the best way to achieve in life is with a combination of good academic qualifications and strong skills for life and the workplace.”