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Congratulations to all students on GCSE results day


ASDAN congratulates all young people collecting exam results today. Maggie Walker, Chief Executive of ASDAN, said:

"We congratulate all candidates and their teachers on their GCSE results. In the scramble for top grades we should not forget those children for whom a pass is, in itself, a huge achievement. With the support of their teachers many children overcome huge obstacles such as family and social problems, ill health and learning difficulties and their achievements are as big a cause for celebration as those who achieve a string of A* grades.

"Already, the debate has begun over the future of GCSEs and how viable and desirable they will be in the future. Alongside this discussion, which must now take place with young people expected to stay on in education or training until 18, we should consider how schools can better prepare young people for the world of work and life beyond school. Employers and businesses tell us they often lack the skills for the workplace. If the UK's youth is to compete globally, our society and economy depends upon us getting their education right."