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Consultation seeks views on SEN inspection plan


Ofsted and the Care Quality Commission have announced a public consultation on new proposals about how SEN provision is inspected.

From May, inspectors will begin assessing how effectively local areas are fulfilling their obligations towards children and young people with SEN. They will visit early years settings, schools and further education colleges to see how they are helping to meet the local area’s responsibilities. The overall aim is to see all young people with SEN do well in education, be more independent, find employment and be an increasing part of their local communities.

Sean Harford, Ofsted’s National Director for Education, said: "We will want to see evidence that the children and young people are progressing well, to their next stage of education or employment. Effective local area support is crucial for these children and young people who really need them.

"Ofsted will highlight good practice, so that we can celebrate success. I hope that other areas will be inspired by this good practice, which will lead to improvements elsewhere. I also hope the result will be better support for some of the most vulnerable young people in society, helping to give them the best possible start in life."

The consultation can be found online here and will close on 4 January 2016.