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New Strategic Group for Education and Skills Sector


Leading educational organisations emfec group and ASDAN are to join forces to form an exciting and innovative new Group. 

The partnership will see all organisations; ASDAN, emfec and emfec-owned awarding body ABC Awards, unite under a new strategic partnership.

Strategic partnerships are becoming increasingly key as the education and skills sector is undergoing the biggest structural changes since 1992. With devolution high on the agenda and the Government’s national programme of Area Based Reviews, organisations within the sector are looking for new ways to work together.

The partnership will combine over 140 years’ experience in education and skills. It aims to provide a full package of services for the advancement of education and training for young people and adults, by focusing on six key areas:

  • Developing innovative curriculum programmes that can be used in mainstream, special and alternative educational settings;
  • Strengthening our national reputation for the creation of high-quality awarding services;
  • Enhancing the development of members, staff and customers through cutting-edge continuing professional development (CPD) programmes;
  • Working together to enrich and strengthen our UK and international projects and partnerships;
  • Ensuring customers and members have the opportunity to shape and influence the national agenda on education and skills policy through our combined policy and public affairs team;
  • Maximising resources to deliver our individual charitable activities.

Furthermore the strategic partnership will look to improve how we deliver our services in cost-effective ways. This will be overseen by a new parent charity jointly developed by ASDAN and emfec group which will be launched in June 2016.

Please read this press release for further information.