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Cayman Islands Government highlights school's ASDAN success


The Cayman Islands Government has issued a statement highlighting the accomplishment of Grand Cayman's Lighthouse School as an ASDAN Centre of Excellence for Inclusive Curriculum. 

The Honourable Tara Rivers, JP, MLA Minister of Education, Employment and Gender Affairs made a statement to the Cayman Islands Legislative Assembly, congratulating the school for achieving this accolade:

"On Friday, November 13th the Lighthouse School received notification from ASDAN that it had been awarded the recognition of Centre of Excellence in Inclusive Curriculum, which speaks to the holistic and personalised learning opportunities that our students experience. The Lighthouse School was recommended for recognition by the Regional Managers of ASDAN, and the certificate of excellence was duly awarded based on the student work produced during the 2014-2015 academic year and the positive educational environment found to be in place.

"I have been informed that the Lighthouse School team has also been contacted by ASDAN recently, and advised that the Turks and Caicos Islands are also beginning to offer the ASDAN Preparing for Adulthood Programme through their facility for adults with special needs, and that ASDAN have advised the TCI representatives to liaise with the Lighthouse School representatives for guidance and support in implementing the programme. This, Madam Speaker, is a testament to the successes of this programme in our country.

"On behalf of the Government, I congratulate the leadership, staff and students of the Lighthouse School who have worked hard to earn this prestigious recognition as being an ASDAN Centre of Excellence for Inclusive Curriculum."

The Lighthouse School caters for students between the ages of 4 to 18 years, from across Grand Cayman, who have a very wide range of complex educational and physical needs. The school currently offers ASDAN's Transition Challenge and Towards Independence programmes.

ASDAN has awarded Centre of Excellence certificates to 90 schools across the UK and beyond, in recognition of outstanding practice in running ASDAN courses during 2014-15. These certificates reflect our commitment to celebrating success and rewarding achievement, of both learners and those working with them. 

The Minister's full statement: