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ASDAN involved in the development of the National Baccalaureate


Maggie Walker, ASDAN CEO, said: “We are pleased to be involved in the development of the National Baccalaureate and welcome the chance to build on its contributions to the National Baccalaureate framework through our wide-ranging provision of personal development programmes for all young people, including ASDAN's long-established provision for learners with special educational needs.

“The National Baccalaureate is a much-needed framework that needs to become national policy for the sake of all our young people, who should have access to a wide range of academic, vocational and skills-based learning and receive recognition of their experiences and achievements. We are delighted to be a partner in these important discussions.

“Schools using various forms of ASDAN support provision for personal projects, research development, independent enquiry, work experience and community volunteering across the age and ability range may have a keen interest to see their ASDAN provision recognised through the wider lens of the National Baccalaureate framework.”

Find out more about the National Baccalaureate, register your interest or sign up as a pilot school or college via the National Baccalaureate Trust.