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Research highlights importance of soft skills in digital sector


With nearly one and a half million people already employed in the digital sector – and every expectation that this number will grow by at least 5% over the next five years – it is increasingly important that those people have more than technical aptitude.

Recent research undertaken by The Candidate highlighted the importance not only of ensuring that as an economy we have sufficient people with the appropriate technical skills but of working on the skills needed for team management and staff development. 

The research found that:

  • 69% of managers and 77% of employees believe soft skills are overlooked compared to technical (or hard) skills in the digital industry
  • 50% of managers and 57% of employees feel the industry is suffering as a result

So-called ‘soft skills’, which have been at the heart of ASDAN’s work over the last three decades, are the key to unlocking potential within individuals and teams. The ASDAN Computing Vocational Taster balances the development of technical knowledge alongside applied problem solving, communication and teamwork – resulting in a more rounded and grounded individual who is ready to make the most of an apprenticeship opportunity in the digital sector.