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ASDAN supports charity that tackles gambling-related harm


ASDAN is providing Customised Accreditation to a new charity that educates and safeguards young people against problematic gambling and social gaming.

The Young Gamblers Education Trust (YGAM) delivers training and provides licences to teachers, youth workers, community mental health workers, prison and probation professionals and community volunteers to enable them to deliver the YGAM gambling-related harm minimisation programme.

Customised Accreditation is the process by which ASDAN accredits a programme that is already being offered or has been written by another organisation.

Lee Willows, CEO of YGAM, said: “Gambling and social gaming has become much more visible and accessible in recent years, largely as a result of increased advertising and the growth of the internet. Many more young people are participating in gambling and social gaming than ever before – and the statistics show that this age group is particularly at risk.

“For many young people it is a harmless activity enjoyed with friends. However for some young people participation can lead to the development of an addiction with potentially devastating consequences. There are as many as 143,000 young people under the age of 25 years with a gambling addiction in the UK. At YGAM we believe it is important to educate young people, helping them to make informed decisions around gambling activity, just as we educate young people about safe sex or responsible drinking.”

John Furness, ASDAN Director of National Operations, said: “Our team has enjoyed working with YGAM to develop and quality assure their programme. We believe it fills a niche in education that is not currently being provided for. We look forward to working with YGAM to develop its impact and scale across the UK.”

YGAM has workshops for practitioners, priced at only £32 per person, on Thursday 21 April and Tuesday 26 April in London. Delegates will be able to learn more about gambling-harm and receive training on how to use and embed the YGAM educational resources into their work with young people.