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ASDAN welcomes Labour announcement on PSHE education


Maggie Walker, ASDAN CEO, welcomed the announcement by Shadow Education Secretary Lucy Powell that Labour would make PSHE lessons statutory in schools, after it emerged this week that incidents of sexting among young people had ‘skyrocketed’.

“Today’s young people are living under unprecedented pressures and with access to advanced technologies, such as smartphones and the apps that are available for these devices. These factors combined are creating new risks to the health and well-being of young people, who are being pushed for too early into situations for which they are not ready.

“We need to do more to protect them, so they feel confident and resilient enough to deal with the risks they face; to be able to say ‘no’ in situations where they feel fearful and unsafe, and to remain healthy.

“ASDAN has been one of many voices urging the government to make PSHE statutory and it is hard to understand why it remains reluctant to do so in the face of increasing evidence about the harms facing children and teenagers.

“We welcome Labour’s commitment to making PSHE compulsory, therefore, and believe it will go a long way towards helping our children and young people negotiate the increasingly difficult years of childhood and adolescence.”