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ASDAN welcomes PSHE comments by Education Secretary


Statement from ASDAN following evidence given by Nicky Morgan, the Secretary of State for Education to the Commons Education Select Committee, yesterday.

Maggie Walker, CEO of ASDAN, one of the nation’s leading providers of skills-based qualifications and programmes of study, said: “We were heartened to hear the Secretary of State agree that PSHE is essential, and that she has convened a panel of headteachers who are working with the PSHE Association to look at how this subject should be taught in the future.

“ASDAN is also extremely pleased at the commitment shown by Neil Carmichael MP, the Committee Chairman, who made clear during the hearing that PSHE will be a consideration in the committee’s Purpose of Education Inquiry, and that he is not prepared to see this subject swept under the carpet. This gives those of us campaigning for statutory PSHE great hope.

“It was clear from the line of questioning taken by MPs that the committee considers PSHE a crucial aspect of children’s education. Quite rightly, they pointed out some of the huge pressures young people are under, with the rise in the use of technology and abuses such as sexting affecting the mental health and well-being of children and young people on a daily basis.

“Ms Morgan indicated that the future of PSHE would be kept under review and we hope the committee will keep her to her word. If the challenge is one of staff expertise, then the resources must be found by the Department for Education to ensure that there is a supply of properly trained teachers who can help children and young people negotiate the difficulties of growing up in today’s world.”