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New course to help care leavers live independently


Looked-after children experience multiple educational and employment disadvantages, as confirmed in a study by the Rees Centre and Universities of Bristol and Oxford.

The research highlighted that care leavers have poorer employment prospects and health outcomes than the general population. More worryingly, they are also over-represented in the homeless and prison populations.

Addressing educational disadvantage is a key part of ASDAN’s vision and values and so, working in partnership with experienced practitioners in the field, ASDAN has produced a Short Course called ‘Living Independently’ to help tackle the issue. The course will support young people in their transition from school education to adulthood and has seven modules; Career Management, Being at Work, Earning and Spending Money, Keeping Track of your Money, Making Financial Choices, Cooking on a Budget and Practical Cooking Skills.

Development Co-ordinator Simon Lawrence said: “Each of the organisations that are piloting the course will be providing feedback on the content and a case study. The input of our partners will help raise awareness of the need for such a course and we are very grateful for the time they have taken to work with us to ensure that the Short Course meets the needs of these vulnerable young people.”

The following organisations are piloting the Short Course:

  • Bristol City Council
  • North Somerset Council
  • The Boulevard Centre, Hull

We welcome contributions from education professionals who would like to help refine the course.

The course will be available to all ASDAN registered centres from September. For further information please contact Simon Lawrence